Established in 1981


Founded in 1981 by a team of enterprising technocrats, our plant is situated about 300km to the south-east of Mumbai (formerly Bombay), amidst the picturesque hills of Sahyadris, in the historic town of Satara which, at one time, was the seat of Maratha kingdom. Although a small-scale unit, it is equipped with some of the most modern machineries and testing facilities so essential for producing precision-engineered components like Cast Alnico and Nd-Fe-B Permanent Magnets.

Commercial production of oriented Alnico magnets commenced on a small-scale in 1984 and over the years, through continuous upgradation of equipment and quality, we have built a magnificent plant with some of the finest facilities and a skilled and dedicated work force. Our testing facilities, for instance, include an XRF ( X-Ray Radiation Fluorescence ) chemical analyser and an automatic on-line magnet sorting machine, which is probably unique in India.

Our in-house Research & Development Laboratory was accorded recognition by the CSIR, Government of India, in 1994. This was followed by another milestone in 2002, when we obtained ISO 9001 : 2000 accreditation.

By virtue of our emphasis on applying strict quality controls at every stage of production and by judiciously controlling our resources, we have been able to produce Alnico magnets comparable with the best available in the world and to supply them to the domestic market at the most competitive prices. The company’s products have also made substantial inroads in the European market. We feel happy that at a time when some of the biggest manufacturers of Alnico magnets were practically closing down their operations due to a sharp decline in the global demand for this product, we were able to make a small but significant contribution to the market.

After having settled firmly in the field of Alnicos, we are now diversifying to make Nd-Fe-B magnets on a commercial scale for the first time in India. A beginning has already been made and at present we are doing the post-sintering operations of slicing, cutting, nickel plating and magnetizing. The phase of backward integration is in progress and we expect that the fully integrated plant, where we shall manufacture Nd-Fe-B magnets right from the raw materials to the finished product, will be operational by middle of 2008. At present we have a sizeable range of both, Alnico and Nd-Fe-B magnets, which can meet the requirements of a variety of applications.


• Ours is the first Alnico producing unit in India to have been established and successfully run without any local or foreign collaboration.

• We are the first in India to have successfully developed Alnico-8 (Isotropic) material on a commercial scale.

• We are also the first in India to have successfully made Nd-Fe-B magnets on a commercial scale.



Our company has received the following awards so far:

Criterion for Award
1. District Industrial Corporation
DIC, Satara Award as the best SSI Unit
2. Vasvik Award
Vasvik Committee Award for the year 1996 as one of the best units in the field of Electrical Science & Technology for Development of Alnico Magnets.

We are leading Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Permanent Magnets, Since 1981