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Founded in 1981 by a team of enterprising technocrats, our plant is situated about 300km to the south-east of Mumbai (formerly ‘Bombay’), amidst the picturesque hills of Sahyadris, in the historic town of Satara which, at one time, was the seat of Maratha kingdom. Although a small-scale unit, it is equipped with some of the most modern machineries and testing facilities so essential for producing precision-engineered components like Cast Alnico and Nd-Fe-B Permanent Magnets.


Applications - Separators, Lifters, Filters, Initial Excitation for Generators, Magnetic Couplings Of Chemical Pumps.

Until about 1975, Alnico Magnets were the most widely used magnets in the world.  The last 30 years have seen a sharp decline in the demand for them mainly because of the soaring prices of Cobalt and the availability of high coercivity materials like Ferrites and Rare Earths, the former being also the cheapest. Worldwide, Alnicos are produced in several grades, some isotropic (unoriented) and the others anisotropic (oriented).

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